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What is ADD/ADHD?

Attention Deficit Disorder is a psychoneurological disorder that affects behavior and learning ability. When brain connections are not made efficiently, a person can get impulsive, easily distracted, and often (but not always) hyperactive.

About 10 million adults and 4-5% of all children have ADD. Boys tend to act more hyperactive and defiant, and are identified as ADD more often than girls, whose ADD shows up more as inattention.

You can have ADD all of the time or just in certain situations (like in a group or at a party or school). It can be genetic, so if your child has ADD, you or a relative may experience it. 50-70% of children with ADD do NOT grow out of it! Many adults with ADD were not diagnosed as children and are unaware they have it. We treat both adults and children!

With ADD, you can be explosively disruptive or quietly depressed. Sometimes ADD carries its own "teflon" effect, so that you are not bothered by your own distractions or forgetfulness, but others are.

The emotional experience of ADD is usually one of loss of self confidence and humiliation. In fact, if ADD goes untreated, there is increased risk for substance abuse, poor job or school performance, poor self esteem and difficulty with relationships. ADD can intensify sibling rivalry and make parents feel like not going home.

We now know that ADD is not related to your intelligence. You can be gifted with ADD or learning disabled. ADD can appear to be a learning disorder like dyslexia. We can help you whether the problem is truly ADD or a learning disability because we specialize in training intelligence!

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