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Learning Disability Testing

Most learning difficulties are due to the lack of learning abilities. The first step in any remedial processes is to find which learning abilities are missing through learning disability testing.

Here's the rub: Learning abilities are more fundamental than curricular skills, yet most "diagnostics" of learning problems focus exclusively on curricular skills, and thus most remedial programs are focused on the same curricular skills. Translation: What a child receives in an IEP will only address school work and NOT the learning disability. This isn't the case for every child but it is for many.

To get an accurate measure of a child's learning disability, parents may need to have an assessment done outside of the school by unbiased professionals that are trained not only in assessing the disability but in treating the disability.

One of the downsides to an outside assessment is that it won't be paid for by the school. But the upside could be a more complete assessment and treatment plan.

One such program for assessing and treating learning disabilities is SOI Systems based in Oregon. They have centers throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Singapore, China, and South Africa.

SOI Systems

More information about SOI Systems can be found on their website at

For more information about SOI Systems in the southern California area, contact Valerie Maxwell at the ADD SOI Center at 310-546-6500. We are a certified SOI center.

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