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What's New in Education? Learning Therapy as Complementary Medicine

Valerie Maxwell, Ph.D.

We know now that we can train the brain, not just educate a child. Simultaneously, parents and educators are concerned that our children seem to be having learning and attentional issues in epidemic proportions. Some major cities have over 40% of their population in Special Education classes, while autism and ADD / ADHD have increased astronomically.

Yet, few parents are aware of the transformational technologies available to train attention, listening skills, mindfulness, intelligence, visual processing of what is being read, and giving students the overall concepts of math before they have to master the facts.

Historically, these technologies were developed for the severely disabled kids. However, these approaches should be and now are available to all children - if you can find out where and what they are. This is not an easy task. We are just developing a systematic organization of these remarkable brain training technologies, and it's sad to say that our public schools are not leading the way. So parents are often on their own.

In our ADD-SOI Testing Center in Manhattan Beach ( we have been working for over a decade to bring these technologies under one roof so parents do not have to run from speech therapist to tutor to the pediatrician.

It is common (over 70%) for attention-challenged kids to also have processing problems; how quickly and accurately they are delivering to the thinking brain (the pre-frontal cortex) the information they see and hear. When brain training occurs, it is also common for kids on medicine to get off or minimize the drug treatment.

As learning therapists and neurologists say: "Brain cells (neurons) that fire together, wire together!" So, why not re-program the "hard drive" of the brain to create new neuro-pathways? The data is rolling in supporting this complementary approach (learning therapy) to medicine.

Simple dietary changes also help: like increasing protein in the morning, Omega-3 and vitamin supplements ("Zinc makes you think" and 90% of American children are deficient in zinc), getting kids off caffeine. Parents need to know this. Medicine and tutoring are not the only answers!

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